Our Institute has always been committed to supporting peace, equality, and mutual respect between individuals.

Ezra Pound once said: “Peace comes in communication” and this is precisely one of the ideals we strongly believe in. Everything we say, how we say it, our every gesture or step we take towards the other should express understanding, tolerance, openness, and, most importantly, humanity.

We believe that communication and expression through all forms of art, and above all through dialogue, can create bridges and inspire encounters and comparisons, thereby enriching society.

As an Institution, we recognize our social responsibility, and we align with this premise. The Pantheon Design & Technology Institute solemnly condemns all forms of war and violence and expresses our solidarity with all those affected by the war in Ukraine.

We shall be there for people in need yesterday, today, and forever. We will assist them in realizing their future so they can continue to believe in their dreams because no one should be deprived of them. Our Institute is calling to all young people suffering from this tragic situation, offering a tuition fee waiver so they can continue building their future.

Our commitment is also addressed to all those supporting the Ukrainian population. It is in our best interest to recognize and honor everyone’s act of solidarity by supporting anyone who is in need.

Director Giulio Guidi said: “The current humanitarian emergency affecting the whole of Ukraine is an international event that cannot leave us indifferent. Our Institute, always sensitive to humanitarian issues, will do everything possible to support the right to study for young Ukrainians. We are ready to welcome all students and assist them financially by waiving all tuition fees. Ukrainian students can attend classes and take exams for free this year and the next. We abhor all forms of war, and we are committed to supporting any student affected by this tragedy in their efforts to integrate into our community.

We can conquer any obstacle if we are together. We can beat any kind of hatred if we work together.”

Our Institute also serves as a focal point for humanitarian initiatives to support the Ukrainian population. We are joining forces with FITeL Approdo – Latina Immigration Desk to collect humanitarian aid and supplies for Ukraine. Anyone interested in participating in and supporting this initiative can find more information below. This project is initiated by two of our students, Lorenzo Vecchiotti and Rebecca De Vita, students pursuing an Academic Diploma in Graphic Design.


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